Survive a motorcycle accident by following a few tips shared by experts

There are several reasons why riding a motorcycle can put you at a higher risk of an accident that not only results in injuries but also death. Even the smallest impediments like wet roads, leaves, or cracks on the road can lead to critical accidents. Motorcycles are more difficult to notice than cars and hence drivers often let them go unnoticed. 

Whenever there is a motorcycle accident, there are high chances of severe injuries since motorcycles don’t have seat belts or any other safety features like airbags to protect the rider. We asked a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas about some of the best tips to avoid a motorcycle accident and here’s what he had to say. 

  • Maintain a slow speed

You can’t forget the age-old tip that the faster you drive, the lesser time you’ll get to react to other cars or debris or any other potential danger. If you speed up, you could miss an upcoming turn and this could lead to entering the corner too fast. In case you panic while taking the turn and grasp your brakes too hard, there is always a risk of flying off your motorcycle. Hence, slowing down is the best option for avoiding an accident. 

  • Look back while stopping at intersections

At intersections, cars often rear-end motorcycles, especially when the latter halt at crosswalks to help animals walk by. In case you’re planning to stop at a particular situation, bring yourself to the side of the lane and flash the brake light. Just before stopping, take a look back to check whether or not there’s a car approaching. 

  • Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol

We all are aware of the fact that alcohol impairs your judgment and slows down your reaction time and this is why DUI is one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents. Drinking and riding a motorcycle is much more fearful than drinking and driving a car. Keeping the bike in an upright posture itself needs a lot of coordination and balance. 

  • Maintain your motorcycle parts regularly

Once you make sure the motorcycle is in great running condition, you can reduce the risk of an accident. Do this by performing a few checks on your headlamps, engine, tires, brakes, and turn signals. If you find any of these not working properly, get them repaired instantly. 

  • Always keep an eye for potential obstacles

Your focus should always be fixed on the road and things that are occurring around you. You should be able to watch out for a turn, other cars, sudden road hazards, or even pedestrians. Once you learn to focus closely on your surroundings, you can see obstacles easily and get enough time to react. 

If you are someone who has been in a motorcycle accident, you will know the pain and loss you have to go through. When the accident happens due to the mistake of another party, you’re entitled to compensation. Get the help of an attorney to obtain your deserved compensation.

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