The estate sale business in Western New York is vibrant, with lots of small companies vying for sales. I, Ian Harding, was a partner in a successful Estate Sales company when I lived in Buffalo, NY. After I left, that once successful company sadly didn't fare very well.

I have two sons in Buffalo who had always been interested in my business, and now my sons have decided that they'd like to follow in my footsteps. Their aim is to build an Estate Sale business as successful as the one I had once been a partner in. For this they needed a great website, and I was happy to build one for them!


The website had to be easy to manage, and it had to have a fabulous photo gallery, and have the option to sell select items online. This was all acheived by building a website using WordPress. The e-commerce aspect of the site is handled by WooCommerce.


The website does everything that my sons needed and is very easy to use.