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If you’re a business person and you’ve been using Informa for a while now, you know that you can get access to anything in Informa right from your Office 365 portal. The benefits of this are manifold and worth exploring. The first benefit is that you can get a lot of what Informa has to offer without having to go to the trouble of downloading it. The second is that you can access it on any computer on your team with Office 365.

This is exactly why business person, the person that has Informa installed on their computer and access to all the information in Informa, have a business advantage over the rest of us. With Informa you can access anything Informa has to offer without having to go to the trouble of downloading it.

Informa is a very powerful business information management tool, but it will be easier to use if you have Office 365. This is because Office 365 has a lot of functionality that Informa does not have. For example, the Office 365 portal for Informa includes the ability to manage your own business contacts, a very useful feature if you’re part of a large company. Informa also has a Business Intelligence suite that is much more powerful than Informa’s Informa Desktop Suite.

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