Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About developer business card


This is one of my favorite ways to market myself. They are the perfect size on a business card, and my design skills are on full display on mine. I like how the letters that spell out my name or logo are in a font that is really cool.

For someone like me who writes code, the business card is a great way to show they have technical skills. I wrote a full-featured game engine for a game called TES3, and I’ve been working on a game engine since the early 90s. Having a business card is a great way to advertise my skills as well. Plus, this is a great way to showcase your personality and show off your skills.

I don’t know how much the business card is going to matter to you in the long run, but I do think it may be a useful tool in the short term for marketing a game of your own. I also like the font because it really stands out on a big screen.

If I was going to create my own business card, I’d go with a font that looks kinda like Ive seen on the business cards of people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or even Steve and Tim Geithner. The font is definitely a plus for the long term.

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